In Age of Tyrants one player is usually the defender and the other the attacker. Each of the factions favours different types of world to colonise, so it is usual for the battlefield terrain to reflect the defender's preference. The Junkers live on arid, desert worlds on which they have perfected technologies to eke every gram of sustenance, moisture and nutrition from the sands. Viridians are agriculturalists with advanced techniques for farming jungle worlds for food and fuel. VASA colonies tend to be on ice worlds where they drop their modular pod constructions. Finally the Syntha make their homes on the most inhospitable and extreme worlds, burrowing into them to build their termite cities.

We will be supplying a range of 4x4 gaming mats to suit the environments described above, and a range of model buildings. Other terrain to populate the mats with can be scratch built if you're so inclined, or your local hobby shops are usually good for it Another good source of terrain for games at this scale are model railway suppliers, where you can get things like wire trees, static grass mats, hills, etc.