Getting started

In order to fight a battle in Age of Tyrants, there are several things you'll need. Unsurprisingly these include the Age of Tyrants rulebook, some ordinary six-sided dice (d6's as we call them), a tape measure or ruler, an army each and a playing area.

We will offer a range of accessories and support products like faction themed dice, counters and templates, easy reference cards , model buildings, and 4x4 gaming mats for the playing area. These mats cater for a typical sized battle between two medium companies, which works out at 25 bases a side. A company consists of a fixed core of four platoons (four bases per platoon, so that's 16), up to four more platoons of the players choice (so for a medium company that's two more platoons for a total of 24) and a captain to lead the company, which is an armoured transport base separate from any platoon. Any more than this number per side, and you should probably add a second mat (or if you're using your own playing area, increase the size proportionate to the number of bases you're adding).