15-01-2016: Wargame News and Terrain

Myriad Miniatures: Age of Tyrants Tanks Reviewed!

“Would you like to field squadrons upon squadrons of huge, heavily armoured tanks? How about great batteries of massive field guns and rockets?” Another great review, this time from Timmy from Wargame News and Terrain in Belgium. The focus is on the models.

14-01-2016: Bell of Lost Souls review

Age of Tyrants Pt. II

“Each individual base has its own unit cards with all the stats you need to play. In Age of Tyrants, all units of a similar type share the same basic stats.” More goodness from Falk of Tabletop fix, this time talking about the factions and their troop choices, along with a short account of how the game plays. Next article from them is an interview with our very own Mark Brendan!