13-07-2015: Beasts of War

Age Of Tyrants: Learning About The Draconis Alba Galaxy

Thanks for checking us out. In this article I’d like to fill you in a little on Age of Tyrant’s gaming universe. It’s been in development since 2000, where it all started with the Void game. I developed the background and co-designed that game with John Grant, based on an original concept by John Robertson, Ricardo Pinto and John Grant.


03-06-2015: Beasts of War

Age of Tyrants Reveals Sketches of Junkers Models

"In this game they are promising mighty battles with infantry and armour, in a grand scale"

Age of Tyrants, a new yet to be released 6mm miniatures game, has released some sketches of some WIP for Junkers faction tanks.

Junker Draco