René van de Moosdijk

René van de Moosdijk

Layout & Web Design

Other projects:

Adrian Smith's "Illumination" art book, Urban War 2nd Edition miniatures game, X610S card/boardgame, Madwish boardgame

Favourite film:

Love Actually (don't laugh ;)

Favourite book/graphic novel:

Lord of the Rings as a classic, Wheel of Time series from Robert Jordan and Peter Hamilton's works in the sci-fi genre.

Favourite computer game:

Fallout series, all sorts of RTS games

Miniature games you play:

Warmachine, Urban War and hopefully soon AoT! ;)

First miniatures you bought:

Discovered Warhammer when I was 14.

First game you bought:

Not sure, but must have been either Dungeons & Dragons or Axis & Allies.

AoT faction: