Jarrod Cornforth

Jarrod Cornforth

Playtester Extraordinaire

Other projects:

Slowly painting my way through a hoard of miniatures from multiple systems. Having a go at programming a Samurai RPG and a WWII strategic war fighting game in Excel ... for a reason I cannot fathom.

Favourite film:

Princess Bride (Not the greatest film but I can watch it at any time and in any mood)

Favourite book/graphic novel:

Legend by David Gemmell / Knightfall trilogy or any Judge Dredd

Favourite computer game:

X-Com: Enemy within (if going purely by game hours), closely followed by Tie Fighter (Die rebel scum!). The Fallout and Mass Effect games also rank highly. For beat-em-up cannot beat Street Fighter

Miniature games you play:

Over the years I have played Urban War, Warhammer, Warhammer 40k, Lasell, 7TV, Mutant Chronicles, Gear Krieg, A Call to Arms, Infinity, Rules of Engagement, Flames of War, Battletech, Wargods of Aegyptus, War Machine, plus lots and lots of board games

First miniatures you bought:

Squats (whom can no longer be mentioned)

First game you bought:

Computer game - Darkside, Miniatures Game - Warhammer 40k

AoT faction:

Viridian closely followed by Junkers