Mark Laiman

Mark Laiman

3D Modeller

Other projects:

Loads of Stuff. Mostly computer games including Battlefield Bad Company, Dredd vs Death, TOCA create and race. Miniatures: Turtlemech for Comfychair games

Favourite film:

Star Wars (Solo shot first!)

Favourite book/graphic novel:

Lord of the Rings. Comic wise I was a big fan of Dark Horse's Aliens and Predator comics.

Favourite computer game:

Halo Reach. Love the style of the Spartans in this game. Enjoyed the foreshadowing in the single player and adored mucking about with my mates in multi player.

Miniature games you play:

Warhammer 40k. Deadzone. Space Hulk. I am particularly looking forward to Spartan Games Halo games.

First miniatures you bought:

Too long ago to remember. I do have fond memories of Citadels "complete adventurer" he even had the kitchen sink.

First game you bought:

Some cardboard chit based RPG. Though I quickly progressed to Rogue Trader.

AoT faction:

mmm. Hard choice but if I were to choose I would go with the Viridians. I love their look. Got a nice mid tech feeling and great styling.

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