Wayne England

Wayne England

Colour Artist & Concept Designer R.I.P. 9-2-2016

Rest in Peace, you'll be missed...

Other projects:

I started out in this field working as an in-house artist for GW, since then I have worked for Wizards of the Coast’s Dungeons and Dragons Forgotten Realms and Magic the Gathering. Other companies include Blizzard Entertainment, Whizkids, Uherwerk Verlag, The Black Library and numerous fantasy miniature companies as concept designer including Avatars of War, Wargames Foundry, Prosto toys, Voodooworx Miniatures and many others. I am also at the moment heavily involved as lead concept artist on my first major film project and this year sees the release of my first full art book, game and range of miniatures based on the characters in the book.

Favourite film:

Excalibur and Way Out West

Favourite book/graphic novel:

Far from the Madding Crowd

Favourite computer game:


Miniature games you play:

any tabletop historical, WWII - ACW

First miniatures you bought:

a box of Airfix Africa Korps

First game you bought:


AoT faction:

without doubt JUNKERS!

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