Jake Thornton

Jake Thornton

Editing & Scenarios

Other projects:

I've been working in gaming since the mid-80s and spent a decade with Games Workshop (Editor of White Dwarf, developed Warhammer 6th ed, designed Lost Patrol, etc). Since starting work as a freelance designer 5 years ago I've designed DreadBall, God of Battles, Deadzone, Tribes of Legend, Mars Attacks and Dungeon Saga to name just those that have been released so far.

Favourite film:

Hard to nail it down to just one. Favourites include The Guard, Hellboy, and Equilibrium (for all its faults).

Favourite book/graphic novel:

I have a fairly large and wide-ranging library, and picking one book will only upset the others. To give you an idea of the variety, I'm currently reading some Rebus novels, the Cambridge History of Greek and Roman Warfare, and Figopedia.

Favourite computer game:

Fable, or perhaps World of Warcraft if I'm allowed MMOs.

Miniature games you play:

These days, it's mostly games I'm working on for myself (which may get released, or may not), other playtesting, or research. Not counting that, I occasionally play Twilight, DBA/HOTT and WZR.

First miniatures you bought:

Probably Airfix HO/OO plastics.

First game you bought:

Airfix WWII rules. I still have it :)

AoT faction:

I used to play Urban War (the 28mm skirmish game set in this universe), so I know the factions quite well. Judging by the renders I've seen so far, I think the brute simplicity of the Junker approach might be fun to play. I'd try them all out though...

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