Giovanni Bosio

Giovanni Bosio

Model Painter

Other projects:

Spartan Games Dystopian war, Dystopian legion, Firestorm Armada & Uncharted Sea, Megalith Games: Rise of legend, Maki Games, LABMASU

Favourite film:

2001 Space Odyssey

Favourite book/graphic novel:

All Asimov's books... in general all the science fiction and fantasy of the great authors of quality! Graphic novel.... 300

Favourite computer game:

Mechwarrior... yes, I'm am an old man...but I like also Bioshock and WOW

Miniature games you play:

I may be a good artist and modeller, but at the same time I have the tactical skills of a paper cup so, I play Megalith games: Godslayer rise of legend and Corvus belli: Infinity

First miniatures you bought:

Rackham Confrontation: "Neran the Scary"

First game you bought:

ehhhmmmm... in truth... Warhammer fantasy

AoT faction:

Veni Vidi Vici... JUNKERS!... is there an alternative? ;)

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