Scott Robertson

Scott Robertson

Playtester Extraordinaire

Other projects:

AoT is my first TT game. Beta tester on Mechwarrior Online, Elite: Dangerous and World of Warships

Favourite film:


Favourite book/graphic novel:

Catch 22

Favourite computer game:

Eve Online

Miniature games you play:

Urban War, Metropolis, Battlefleet Gothic, Dropship Commander, Malifaux, Epic & Epic Armageddon, Age of Sail, X-Wing, Warmaster, 40K (Eldar & Necron), Warhammer (Empire & Tomb Kings), Warmaster, Space Hulk

Boardgames you play:

Caverna, 7 Wonders, Smallworld, Battlestar Galactica, Arkham Horror & expansions

First miniatures you bought:

15 mm English Civil War

First game you bought:


AoT faction: