Stephen Wood

Stephen Wood

Playtester Group Coordinator

Other projects:

I did the background writing for the Neo-Iskandrian Supplement (some of which you can read in Iskandria Online!), and am currently working on the second edition of CLAU Team Actions.

Favourite film:

The Fifth Element. It's got comedy, romance, and some really awesome action scenes: what's not to like?

Favourite book/graphic novel:

I'm going to go with The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making by Catherynne M. Valente. A beautifully vivid twist on conventional fairy stories and myths, which manages to be remarkably deep while remaining thoroughly whimsical.

Favourite computer game:

Myth: The Fallen Lords, one of the games Bungie made before they went on to do things like Halo. A brilliantly-crafted real-time tactical game, set in a low-fantasy setting and narrated from the point of view of a fairly low-ranking soldier who doesn't always have all the facts. It also features some downright devious level design (hint: undead don't need to breathe. Watch out for rivers!)

Miniature games you play:

Urban War, Warhammer 40K, Battlefleet Gothic.

First miniatures you bought:

My brother and I got the second edition boxed set of 40K between us: he took the Space Marines, I took the Orks (which I painted with all the skill and enthusiasm that you'd expect of an over-excited ten year-old).

First game you bought:

Streetfighter 2: my favourite character was Dhalsim, with whom I used a strategy of keeping my distance while wearing down my opponent with long-range attacks.

AoT faction:

The Junkers have been my go-to Urban War faction since the beginning: I love their look, and there's something deeply satisfying about their visceral, in-your-face tactics. I'm looking forward to commanding their Age of Tyrants counterparts.

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