Joseph M. Raiten

Joseph M. Raiten


Other projects:

I have done play testing for a few other games, notably Malifaux (for raising power) and the recently “Kickstartered” Ninja All Stars board game. I created and ran the Void/Metropolis/Urban war fanzine INN for 2 years.

Favourite film:

this is a hard one for me with all the new marvel movies, but I might go with “Big trouble in Little China”

Favourite book/graphic novel:

I think my favourite might be the “Star Doc” series by S.L. Viehl

Favourite computer game:

Final Fantasy Tactics

Miniature games you play:

I play a lot : Urban War, Relic Knights, 40K, Hordes (by extension Warmachine) Malifaux, Judge Dread, Bloodbowl, Heroclix and I am sure I am missing a few.

First miniatures you bought:

the first were for D&D, but the first for a game were Warhammer fantasy battles (Orcs&Goblins).

First game you bought:

Once again the first game was Advanced dungeons and Dragons but the first miniature game was Warhammer Fantasy Battles.

AoT faction:

I have always been keen on the Synths and I think AoT will be no different.