Rob Alderman

Rob Alderman

Community Manager

Other projects:

Hysterical Games - Panzerfäuste!

Favourite film:


Favourite book/graphic novel:

Warlord of the Air - Michael Moorcock

Favourite computer game:

Warcraft II

Miniature games you play:

All manner of things! Guildball, Malifaux, Warzone, LOTR SBG, Relics, Arcworlde, even old school Flintloque!

First miniatures you bought:

Hard to remember, but I am part of the 'Started with Space Marines' generation. I'm pretty sure it was a hobby starter set from GW with 5 Space Marines included in 1996. My first non-GW models were some Flintloque Orcs.

First game you bought:

That's even harder to remember! I'm pretty sure it was Curse of the Mummy's Tomb, secondhand...

AoT faction:

Junkers - they are my faction in Void 1.1, so shall they be in Age of Tyrants!

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