09-11-2015: Age of Tyrants, The Genesis part 1

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…well it just feels like that now looking back to the beginnings of the Age of Tyrants project, which we actually started back in 2009!

The team back then was myself, Mark Brendan and three computer games chaps, the Mavronas brothers, Michail and Gabriel, and Iain Douglas. Since we had no capital at that time we were simply putting in our time for the project to get it going.

I was really excited about realising the Draconis Alba world in 6mm scale, I’d started off wargaming as an 11 year old with Heroics and Ross 1/300th WWII so it’s a scale close to my heart, and you can’t beat the scale for its sheer epic-ness! Further getting the opportunity to produce the forces that we created in the Void and Urban War games, as well as creating new larger types, was going to be fun. Mark too was very keen to be part of this as he had been the original writer and co-game designer on Void.

I handled the creative direction, production and was responsible for some rather poor concept sketches hoping that the designers, Michail and Gabriel, would be able to inject a bit of magic into them. Mark was focussed on the game design.

Sadly “real life” kept getting in the way as all of us had to make a living whilst trying to develop the game in our “free” time so to speak. By the close of 2011 it became clear that under the current set up we were never going to realise the project, so it was time to rethink our approach.

However, it was a very interesting time and we did do some useful work so I thought you folks might be interested in seeing what we did back then.

Most of Mark’s work is carried through to the final rules that you can download today but there’s some of the concept work that, although it influenced the final designs and are therefore similar to the final ones, you folks might still want to see them.

I’ll just cover VASA in this post, I’ll follow up with the others later. I won’t go into our design choices in this article, I’ll save that for a later one when Wayne and I really get cooking on the concept work.

The basic template for the vehicles had remained the same since inception, with a MBT design with an alternate turret, an artillery platform with two types of ordinance and two versions of an APC.

Here you can see my first concept sketch for the VASA MBT, including the Red Hammer variant.

Michail and Gaby created the 3D models from these and here you can see various stages of the model as well as the Red Hammer alternate turret design too. The artillery piece was never created at this stage nor was there a concept design for the VASA APC. I hope you find these interesting, more to follow soon,



John Robertson
Author: John Robertson
Creative Director & Concept Designer

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