The Age of Exploration (2600-2789)

Though grav shunting was perfected in 2463 and extra-solarian colonies established soon after, it was not until the turmoil of the Secession Wars quieted with the ratification of the Treaty of Vacillus in 2582 that mankind begun his galactic adventure in earnest. It is theorized that much of the energy that may have otherwise gone into further civil wars was now being channelled successfully into the vast frontier opened by grav shunting technology. Humanity, having once again veered dangerously close to self-destruction, spread itself outward with at an almost frenzied pace.

This age could just as well be termed the Golden Age for, while humanity moved rapidly from system to system, it enjoyed an era of unparalleled peace and prosperity. The checks and balances of the Tripartite Alliance ensured a genuine peace, and even the colonial wars that would become endemic in later eras were of minimal duration and intensity. Most colonies of this era were still ruled as direct holdings of one of the Great Powers, or maintained a close affiliate status.