10-06-2015: Getting started with Age of Tyrants

Getting started with Age of Tyrants. In order to fight a battle in Age of Tyrants, there are several things you'll need. These are the Age of Tyrants rules, you and your opponent need an army each, a selection of dice, templates and counters, a tape measure or ruler, base cards (supplied with your models), and a 4'x4' playing area and model terrain.

09-06-2015: Age of Tyrants game overview up

Age of Tyrants game overview up. Age of Tyrants is a 6mm scale tabletop wargame in which you fight battles with companies of soldiers and vehicles. Age of Tyrants is a game about combined arms warfare. That means pulling together the abilities of different parts of your army to carry out orders and achieve results.

08-06-2015: Viridians models available to preview

Viridians vehicles now available to preview in SketchFab. This force is shaping up very nicely, I particularly like the elliptical Gauss cannon barrels and the sponson mounted support weapons. I think the glazed blisters will look funky painting up in bright colours as if they are back-lit, with a more sober military olive cammo pattern for the hulls.

05-06-2015: Viridians artwork available to preview

And here is our third set of artwork available to preview: Virdians artwork. Probably the most popular faction so far, the Viridians have an all-track series of Tanks, Artillery and APCs. I love the Big Foot APC, inspired by the WWII American LVT 4 Buffalo, with it's back-set turret and heavy chain gun sponsons, nice!

04-06-2015: VASA models available to preview

VASA vehicles now available to preview in SketchFab. Take our SketchFab previews for a spin with our new VASA tanks, Artillery and APCs. Checkout the cans on the Triglav! Even metal eardrums will bleed when that thing starts up, opponents of the Enforcers of Law you've been warned.