30-01-2016: Playtest materials available for download

We just uploaded some pdf's with ready to go Company counters for each of the factions. We'd love to get your feedback after playing some actual Age of Tyrants games. HINT: They might also help convincing some of your mates to enter their own pledges! ;)

29-01-2016: Brueckenkopf-Online review

More from our German friends with an excellent paint job on the Viridian Direwolf, a very nice Junker Venator and more comparison shots with other models!

27-01-2016: Bell of Lost Souls interview

After the two-part system review I now had the chance to talk to one of the game designers of Age of Tyrants about the game and their Kickstarter campaign – Enjoy!

23-01-2016: Age of Tyrants is funded!

We've done it folks and it's all down to you, you are wonderful people! It's difficult to articulate how I feel at this moment, it's been a crazy few days that have felt like forever, its great, I'm very excited now that we can begin to roll-out all the funky stretch goals we have planned, I am sure you're going to love them. All the best team, follow up posts soon!

21-01-2016: Age of Tyrants live on Kickstarter

And we're live on Kickstarter! Go there now and pledge!