20-10-2015: "FyD Forja y Desván TV" review

Here's the very first preview of production casts of our Junker Venator and Viridian Dire Wolf APC by our good friend Julio Pintado of FyD Forja y Desván TV. Be warned it is in Spanish BUT you can see the models in all their glory, worth a watch.

19-10-2015: Painted Junker Octoris Falx turntable

 Giovanni Bosio's painted Octoris Falx now on a turntable

14-10-2015: Painted Junker Exarch turntable

 Giovanni Bosio's painted Exarch now on a turntable

12-10-2015: Painted Junker Draco turntable

 Giovanni Bosio's painted Draco now on a turntable