05-09-2015: Massive Scale Wargaming

Would you like to field squadrons upon squadrons of huge, heavily armoured tanks? How about great batteries of massive field guns and rockets? Maybe legions upon legions of infantry are more your thing? You can have all these things in the new, massive-scale wargame, Age of Tyrants. Whatever your preference, it will be MASSIVE!

07-08-2015: VASA Forces addition - Suppressor Winter Company Command

Captain Katerina Urosova, perched atop her BMD-9 Bear, was unphased by the loss of the point tank. She knew the Syntha would have a heavy reception planned for them. The Ikon was a necessary sacrifice to carry out the breaching manoeuvre and draw the first volley from whatever the Synths had on the other side of that bulkhead.

04-08-2015: Syntha Forces addition - Armoured Core Scylla Command

Inside Scylla, the walls of the coring chambers and access conduits had ears in a very real sense. And eyes, and phase signature detectors, broad spectrum sensors and a host of other surveillance and monitoring equipment. As a clandestine Syntha mining operation, on an asteroid orbiting a black hole in the Nemed Sector, the military presence was necessarily low key.

31-07-2015: Junker turntables preview

And here are our Junker turntables available to preview: Junker turntables

28-07-2015: Update draft rulebook available

Check out the latest preview version of the rules. Changes include new bombard damage and targeting rules, and a combat results chart to replace the previous version that required working out multipliers.