27-07-2015: Syntha turntables preview

And here are our Syntha turntables available to preview: Syntha turntables

24-07-2015: Junker Forces addition - XI th Company Command

"I want their Captain's head mounted on my Falx for this!" roared Gaius Magnus. "That Draco was on loan from Twenty Sixth Company."

Gaius's upper body protruded from a hatch, like a tiny pimple on the massive back of his Octoris Falx transport. He was a veteran of many engagements such as this, and bore a long scar that traced the line of his jaw. On his head he wore the Galea, a helmet with a transverse crest denoting his rank as Centurion.

22-07-2015: Viridian turntables preview

And here are our Viridian turntables available to preview: Viridian turntables

21-07-2015: Viridian Forces addition - Able Company Command

"Captain, I've got an incoming transmission from General Latimer on the sub-ether relay," said Comms Officer Pullman. "Patching him through now."

Doyle rezzed up an image of the General's head and shoulders on the Direwolf APC's holographic dashboard. The ghostly blue glow from the projection underlit Doyle's face, making the young woman appear cadaverous and sinister.

20-07-2015: Beasts of War review

Age Of Tyrants: The Major Factions Uncovered

In this article we’ll be taking a closer look at the four major factions that make up the combatants in Age of Tyrants, a forthcoming 6mm scale tabletop wargame...