19-07-2015: VASA turntables preview

And here are our VASA turntables available to preview: VASA turntables

13-07-2015: Beasts of War review

Learning About The Draconis Alba Galaxy

Thanks for checking us out. In this article I’d like to fill you in a little on Age of Tyrant’s gaming universe. It’s been in development since 2000, where it all started with the Void game. I developed the background and co-designed that game with John Grant, based on an original concept by John Robertson, Ricardo Pinto and John Grant.

05-07-2015: RSS feed for direct news streaming

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29-06-2015: VASA infantry artwork preview

And here is our VASA infantry artwork available to preview: VASA infantry artwork. Line work by Christophe Madura and coloured by Clint Langley, these will be familiar to those of you who know Urban War, for those who don't, enjoy

26-06-2015: Rough draft rulebook available

To accompany the new "Battlefields" and "How to Build Your Army" sections of the Age of Tyrants' website, here is a pdf rough draft of the rulebook. Please bear in mind this is nothing like the final version in terms of layout, diagrams and art, but the rules content is very close to final. We'd love you to try it out and give us some feedback, and if there's a good case for it, we may even tweak some of the rules before finalising.